Fundraising Events

We are hosting our Third Annual Danny O’Keefe Fundraiser at Power Ryde on April 1 at 10:30am. For a $20 minimum donation, you can attend a 45 minute spinning class on the RealRyder tilting bikes. Casey Hilmer, Founder & Co-owner of Power Ryde, will teach the class. 

It’s important to sign up for the class ahead of time. You don’t pay until the fundraiser on April 1 (either cash or checks made out to the “O’Keefe Family Assistance Fund”).  People can get sponsors as well.  There will also be a donation jar on Power Ryde’s reception desk so people can still contribute even if they can’t attend the fundraiser.   

Please watch the video telling Danny’s story:

Danny was viciously attacked while saving his sister’s life from an intruder six years ago.  Danny graduated from Moeller (2002), UD and Capital University Law School.  He had been practicing law for a year, specializing in defending children. He lives in Loveland, as do his parents.  His mother graduated from Indian Hill High School (1972) and his father graduated from Madeira High School (1973).  They attend St Gertrude Parish.

Besides raising money for Danny’s medical care (which is over $80k a year not covered by insurance), we hope to also raise awareness of Danny’s situation as well as lift his spirits.  There will be food at the Open House so even if people don’t want to spin, they can come just to meet & support Danny (there is no charge to do this). Danny is such an inspiration.  Since he has been ryding at Power Ryde weekly, he has been speaking better.

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