Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Hello, this is Rick Pitcairn. As most of you know, I write poetry under the name Emery Greye. I want to tell you a story of a wonderful young man. His name is Danny O’keefe. He is a hero and is struggling each hour of every day, fighting to get his life back. The O’Keefe’s are a wonderful family, but the events of that horrific night last year, when Danny was severely injured running to the rescue of his sister being stabbed by a home intruder. The cost of the different types of therapy needed is more than most families can endure. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Check out "I support the O’keefe Family" on FB.

Here is Emery’s salute to Danny.

This poem is for a hero
Whose a brother and a son
A friend to all who know him
And doing "right" is number one

It's sometimes unbelievable
The hands in life we're dealt
There is no rhyme nor reason
For the good and bad we’ve felt

You threw yourself in harm’s way
Without a second thought
To protect and save someone you love
Your heroism can’t be taught

But since that day your life has changed
You would do it all once more
And Jump into the line of fire
You’d trade your life for sure

Now as you fight with valor
No matter what the cost
Your strengths an inspiration
As you regain what you have lost

May the Lord bless you and the love
of the Spirit Engulf and protect you. – Emery Greye

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