Thursday, February 28, 2013

I went to Skyline for dinner the other night. As I was putting a dot of hot sauce on each oyster cracker I was eating, it reminded me of the numerous trips Danny and I have taken to Skyline.
We would often go to lunch when we worked together at Natorp's in high school and eat way too many cheese coneys. This would cause the afternoon to be a struggle, and result in avoiding heavylifting by all means necessary.
The most memorable trips, however, were in college when we would drive off campus at University of Dayton to get Skyline. We would average going about once a month, and it was always a great time. I learned from Danny the proper way to eat at Skyline:
1. While waiting to order/waiting for food, put a dot of hot sauce on each oyster cracker and eat.
2. When cheese coneys arrive, insert four oyster crackers into the coney, add salt, and add hot sauce.
3. The first bite of the first cheese coney, and the last bite of the last cheese coney are always the two best.
Danny would always be amazed/disgusted/amused at the speed and rate I would eat cheese coneys. Not only would I be finished with 5 cheese coneys by the time he was just starting his second, but I would also eat each one by only taking two bites. Danny's pace of eating would be slowed by his mixed emotions of laughing and shaking his head. Every trip to Skyline guaranteed a great time.

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