Monday, May 6, 2013

Two-years ago today...

Two years ago today, May 6, 2011 a man broke in to my daughter’s home. (I
remember this date better than any other.) This monster broke in with the intent
to kill. We were given two miracles; both our children lived through this
attack.  They have done so with their strength and courage.  Our daughter has
been able to move on in her life, a true blessing. Our son, Danny still is
struggling to recover.  He’ll need intense speech, physical, and occupational
therapy for some time to come.  We are fighting to get his life back.

My son has lost all the things he loved to do. He’s a lawyer. He studied hard. He loved to run,
read, and play the drums. He wants his life back.  He is making great progress!
We are asking for your help in helping him reclaim his life.  The parents I
baby-sit for are putting on a fund raiser May 17 at Moeller High School. Please
come out and support Danny. We have funded Danny’s therapy this past year on
your generosity and kindness. Thank you for your support.  Kathy O'Keefe

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