Monday, September 24, 2012

UPDATE: Danny begins therapy at the University of Michigan

An update for all our Friends and Family,

Danny left for The University of Michigan Aphasia Program (UMAP) on Saturday. It was a lovely drive, except when it decided to pour on us. It was still good, it wasn’t SNOW. (You know that four letter “S” word) We alternated between country music and good old rock and roll. We sang a bit and talked about Grandparents. Mostly about Grandpa O’Keefe’s laugh and smile. We decided he’d meet this new challenge with a smile and we’d try to be like Grandpa and keep a positive attitude.

Danny’s dog , Sally went with us. She was an angel. She went to her first restaurant. She just curled up and watched from under our table. I did have visions of her jumping up and turning a table or two over but she acted as a pro. She’s come a long way in just a few months. I know we have more work to do with her but the change has been encouraging.

The Marriot is very nice. It seems to be in a good location. The people there are very helpful. It took us a while to unload and unpack, after which we went to take a look around. The college area is really pretty cool. There are lots of little colorful shops and restaurants. It looked a bit like Moeller with all the blue and gold. It was a bit colder in Michigan than here. Michigan’s leaves were a bit more colorful than ours as their fall started earlier.

Danny’s program started this morning at 8:00 AM. He’ll go until 4:00PM every afternoon. He then will go to either Occupational Therapy or Physical depending on the day. For over 65 years, adults with language disorders have come to UMAP, to receive the highly individualized and intensive therapy they offer. Their national ranking is very high. We could only find three places in the nation that offer the program they offer. We’re keeping our fingers crossed and saying many prayers that this will be the help Danny needs.

It was really hard leaving him there, but he and Jim will be fine. (Just a mom thing, I guess.) Sally and I drove home and listened to the Bengal’s game on the way. That was nice, because I knew Danny and Jim were watching it on TV. The Bengal’s won! I know that made Danny happy.

I texted Danny last night and this morning. All is well.

Thank you for all the donations that made this possible. We couldn’t have done this without all of your hard work on the fund raisers and all of the donations. We’ve also had over 5,000 Marriott points donated for their stay. We’ve had money, therapy, food, gas cards, dog training, and fund raisers donated to help Danny. Your support and caring means so much.

The plan is for Danny to stay there with Jim until the first of Feb. (Jim is looking for remodeling jobs to keep him busy. If you have any Ann Arbor friends please let them know.) They will be coming home for Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. If this program seems a positive for Danny, we will try to keep him there as long a possible. So please help us spread the word, every little bit helps a great deal.

Thank you again, 


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